by Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman- Leader 

Get your Italian Coffee served along with coffee beans "to go"
at Pasta Mia cafe located at Toronto's St. Lawrence Market Centre
(owned by Clement and Anila - the greatest, most Christianly spirited folks on the planet!)


Irish Embassy
Pub & Grill

49 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M5E1J1

The best place for "Irish" decor in 
- downtown Toronto!

Queens Quay terminal @ Toronto harbourfront 416-214-2772 www.watermarkirishpub.ca


Nice folks over the years! Have had the calamari here
Great burgers too - even tried the lamb burger here!!

St louis DT Toronto Daily specials
Over this past decade I've been in literally hundreds
of times I figure for the Wednesday beer and burger
special at The St Louis Location on King Street in DT Toronto
Just five bucks for each item, plus tax and tip - just a tad
more now I believe. Great waitresses often times.
(Check out their daily special on items such as wings
and more!) Lets keep our folks in business in this town
I say - all around!.

       Keg Staff picture - location unspecified
The Keg
26 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON, M5E1M1

 The Keg Steak and lobster offerings

Supremely great steak 
and lobster fun place!!

Red Lobster Restaurants
Many locations throughout  Canada + The United States

Red Lobster Steak and shrimp
Great place for a lobster pizza when
available (ten bucks and change) plus
truly great Steak and lobster served
just right and always reasonably priced!
(love the long Island Iced Tea served here)
East Side Mario's
151 Front Street 
West Toronto
(locations throughout


These gift cards are a great idea
 (wherever available)

   Tims Card
Starbucks is your best deal for great atmosphere 
especially (Best decor!) (Give out a gift-card today!)
"Second Cup" has daily flavour pick specials
like Irish Cream, along with a truly great 
butter croissant reasonably priced at $2.50
butter croissant
while Tim Hortons has nice simple coffee
which tastes truly nice I have to say, in fact! - 
especially if you are budgeting or on "the run"

Remember to give a generous tip here too, especially!

Take-out foods Review Section Below

Richtree Market Restaurants
- Eaton Centre - Toronto
(and other locations throughout Ontario)

great dessert items and other fresh made take-out foods to please!
 (Some locations such as "College Park Center" now out of business - sadly - too "Euro" appealing for these parts I fear?)

Schnitzel queen
Toronto downtown

(west of sherbourne on queen street)

Best German Schnitzel 
(catering too for office parties etc -
Owned by a nice German newspaper man and
his lovely wife from Poland) Not too attractive
A neighbourhood for such nice food however -
perhaps better stick to takeout in this case.

we also find Peters Cajun is tops for Cajun spiced
foods including Calamari French fried potato and
Italian sandwiches and pizza too! they deliver!
located on Parliament at Gerrard in Toronto
often great servers too! (please tip)

huge helpin of cajun fries - just four bucks
(incl tax!)

(catering too for office parties etc)

Gourmet pizza offerings around town!
check 'em out TOO!

Pizza Nova is I think the best pizza
around here! I most love their "meat
Supreme"! Just around five
bucks a LGarge SLICE with tax!
(SLICED INTO TWO regular sized slices)

Pizza Nova Meat Supreme

Mamas Pizza offers a five dollar
deal for a slice and pop around.

Pepperoni Pizza - try "Mamas" in town


Pizzaiola is famous for its pizza
combinations like "the godfather"
"The sicilian' and more large slice
comes with a pop for around five or
six bucks

pizza hut
Current specials at pizza hut (nice
pizza too, in this town) include a
personal size pizza with pop for a
fiver or a two topping large for a
ten (take out only)

Quiznos toasted subs $6 for a 9inch special
Quiznos offers fully nine inch subs right
now for six dollars with a choice of daily
special including "chicken carbanerro"
CURRENTly also offering seafood

Subway subs
Lots of subway locations around with
about a five dollar (with tax) for the
six inch size offering of the daily special

Taco bell taco special deals
Taco Bell offers weekly special
deals on their tasty beef tacos
(for just a five dollar bill, tax
included, you can get two tacos
french fries along with a drink
(tues toronto area special now

great brunch menu formerly at
the Beaver cafe and Bar - check around elsewhere

Their previously available poached egg - ham and cheddar on 
a croissant combination brunch for ten bucks
was a treat !

How about an "eggs benedict" treat at Paddington's
located at the popular Toronto St Lawrence Market
(main level) Truly superior service too in the past
when I was last there a year ago.

Paddington's St Lawrence Market - Toronto

Pumpernickles breakfast sandwich
An amazing deal in a Breakfast Sandwich is to be found at the
nicely fixtured Pumpernickles locations around Downtown Toronto
and elsewhere here Starting at around just under five bucks for a
sandwich offering that includes an egg, delicious ham and swiss
cheese - all freshly made and tasting delicious! Check around for
locations listings including just off Bay St downtown on Elm Street
where this special was found.

Also check out (usually busy) Sunset Grill locations for breakfast
deals including three fried (or poached) eggs with home fries and
toast for fiver bucks weekdays, six fifty weekends. Only open
till three, with burgers available on the lunch menu
Sunset Grill breakfast - Toronto

Frans Breakfast deals sample
Then of course, there's Frans, who have been around a
long time in this town - had a nice eggs benedict with
"steak" (shredded meat) there recently - lotsa great sauce
and reasonably priced. Their downtown location (close to
Eaton Centre) offers very reasonably priced specials each
day for breakfast including weekend specials too   

W-Burger Bar Yonge and College Street Brunch deals
We made up this image above to help promote a place that's
under-appreciated it seems - for weekend brunch in any event.
Nice looking bar and restaurant equally, with weekend specials
beginning at just six bucks for a complete breakfast (add a dollar
more for "bottomless coffee" (free refills) and for only a couple
more dollars you can get you choice of sausage or bacon (I had
mine just the way I like it - soft cooked to perfection!) They even
tastefully include a serving of fresh strawberry and kiwi fruit
in a side little container. 

Just love the offerings at Longos such as this
Breakfast special tosated bagel of your choice
with fried egg, bacon and cheese for $2.99
(add a coffeee for about a buck in choice of
flavours!) They had great 70s music on as well
when last visited - greatest folks! (brookfield
place, downstairs foods area)

Metro Deli (Church Street on Front Street) sausage
No doubt the best place for decent sausage in this town appears to be the
"Metro" Supermrket Deli Counter on Front Street in Toronto just by Church Street -
 absolutely delicious and cheap (available most days) including varieties of
grilled sausage meats, sometimes wrapped in soft cooked bacon. Just five or
 six bucks gets you two huge sausages - a great meal at this price - even more
 so, certainly- wow! Add a simply delicious Thai soup too for just about three
bucks additionally if you wish I've come in every day for the past year
or longer, for my daily lunch treat. (pictured sausages larger than actual size)
You can also get great Jerk chicken here along with Montreal Smoked meat
sandwiches and more! The cold meats section offers a daily skewer of chicken
souvlaki for two and a half dollars - ready to eat - seating available with self
serve microwave and condiments (You could also grab yourself a tray of
Spaghetti and meatballs - five bucks for a meal - use the microwave or take
home to heat up and have later. Truly great trays of chicken wings at a
great value at under ten bucks during their weekly specials (thursdays)
- around ten bucks with flavours such as buffalo, bbq, sweet chili to pick
from available hot or cold. Also cooked whole BBQ chicken in about a
medium size for under a ten is available one day a week. Great place to buy
beer to take home, brands such as Guinness, Molsons (my two favourites)
and other Brands that used to be my favourites such as Labatts Blue,
Alexander Keiths (these folks have in previous years supported Irish music in
our communities here with free CDs mailed to everyone who wrote in to ask
for one) along with Sleeman Pale Ale plus other brands too. Extended hours
(9AM - 11PM mon-sat) and only till 6 on Sundays for whatever reason I suppose.

Just added is a buffet style
"Curry bar" featuring mainly
Butter Chicken and rice
varieties along with other
sides mainly. Costs $1.99 per
100 grams and is tasty enough
perhaps - worth a try I'd say
Butter chicken curry bar - Metro

Not all Metro locations are equal in Deli quality and selection range, - this one
may no doubt be the best of all I believe - do check around certainly. Oh, and
pork sausage rolls in generous size - under two bucks! wow! (fresh baked or
from cold foods counter - may be frozen on rare occassions - use the
microwave) Great bakery section too with European offerings of fancy cakes
and pastries such as giant sized strudel with strawberry and cheese filling.

Octoberfest sign
lovely spirits

Enjoy the beers of all greatest European spirits

marche movenpick european style food outlet
The marche movenpick umbrella setting for a number of related food
and drink offerings including fresh made pizza breakfast item picks,
and a huge number of servings of other foods and desserts of europe
(mainly filipino staff who serve friendly along with the occassional
euro staffer such as was at the breakfast counter last couple of times
Ive recently been by. Probably the best such cup of coffee in town
(served with a fresh made muffin of your choice for just an unbelievable
$3.50 at the right coffee counter - get in on this I suggest
 for at least a try! (Brookfield place in downtown toronto)


Try the local Sikorski Polish Company's offerings 
here of great sausage from traditions throughout 
Europe at the Metro in the cold foods section
Sikorski sausagae and meats company from Canada

Naan and kabab
This is a nice place we discovered on Toronto's
Yonge Street - check similar locations in your town too.
A shish kabob meal with two skewers of beef
rice and Pita style bread plus salad is currently
$11.99 plus tax (self serve - tip not usually required)
catering available as well as $80 platters for 
small sized parties when dining in too 

Other truly Great food ideas
you must try!

"Souvlaki Express"

Queen at Parliament Streets in Toronto and on Mt Pleasant Drive additionally

Recently renovated with expanded seating capacity - Tenderly prepared succulent Soulaki offerings of pork Chicken lamb or beef varieties are second to none - Whether in a pita wrap or a single or double skewer full meal deal - great food from our family there to you! enjoy!
Been here many many times this past decade as I live only minutes away.

Souvlaki Express - Great Greek food

Jimmy the Greek
Also available here at locations everywhere (GREAT lamb shank)!

"Silk Road"
Kabaob House
Located on Bloor Street near College (736 Bay Street) - If you're looking for a truly great meal -with value and taste for under a ten or a bit more (Try the freshly cooked kofta huge dual kabob combination with great tasting flavoured rice and fresh salad for just over ten bucks - $12 plus tax)! I havent been here often enough yet but its a real nice treat everytime I've come in for the #4 special treat! Look forward to coming in often, soon!

Kofta kaboib combo - $12 plus tax 
Click here to view complete recent menu

mideastern samosas - all beef!
Ghazale Lebanease take out
at bloor-bathurst has the best samosas in town - all beef and
a worthwhile deal at two bucks!

"Bourbon Street Grill" Unbeatable for taste and sheer value - amazing amounts of food in huge selections including spicy beef, garlic or cajun shrimp, Bourbon chicken (specialty here) and lots more with lotsa sides to pick from - all fresh made - around ten bucks for a combo - unbeatable - just gotta try this place equally!
I try never to miss out on this place when I visit the mall!

Bourbon street grill
Click here for recent menu 

Druxys - the traditionally Sandwich and Bagel spot, now have a a better meal offering for lovers of sausage at their 2 Bloor Street West Location in Toronto - around five bucks for a Debrazinni sausage on a bun!

Also check out
Browns meats
when you are at st lawrence market as they serve it up nicely
loaded with bbq sauce (if you like)and bonus fresh made cole slaw for under a five! 


Druxy's Cimberland Terrace 2 bloor Street West toronto

Sausage on a bun - now at Druxys 2 Bloor st West 





Pita Wraps - Shawarma Outlet (next door to the Jewish Community Centre building) Bloor and Spadina - Five and a half bucks gets you a tasty (mideastern style) "chicken Shawarma" wrap
If you're downtown near St Lawrence Market try the place at 36 church street - just four bucks and up for a shawarma! Open weekdays till 3PM

Shawarma - Bloor-Spadina Pop not included at this nice price - although it had been previously so as an extra special back then

Get a couple of nice thick slices of succulent side bacon cooked to perfection at Carnicero's at St Lawrence Market (upper level) in Downtown toronto! A fver should be about enough unless you want their sandwich deal.


Succulent side bacon slices - Carniceros

"Wraps on the Go" - a fast food outlet located in the lower level food court at the Cumberland Terrace Plaza - 2 Bloor Street West in Toronto (across from the Reference Branch of the Toronto Library) has amazing deals on breakfast choices and Wraps too!


Wraps on the go - 2 bloor St West Toronto

Click here for images from their recent menus

No doubt the best deal in a complete ("Gourmet style") Burger meal not offered by a Bar is at "Hangry Burger" On Yonge street near College - Around Police H.Q.  (including fresh cut style fries and pop  for just around ten bucks including tax) Choose your own of the many toppings options here. "HERO'S BURGERS" has a similar deal around town.

Hangry Burger - Toronto Deals! 

Flamingo Mexican Restaurant
423 college street
(at Bathurst) in Toronto - all you can eat buffet - around ten bucks or so back then with tax - plus tip
of course! enjoy!


Japanese village
restaurants across
Canada is a popular
place for a "cooked
at your table" experience
in tasty cuisine
such as teriyaki
steak and shrimp
and more! Ths aint yucky sushi food
instead, thats fer shure! (No longer
in Toronto? real shame!)



The best deal for a licenced (wine and beer) restaurant with Indian and Pakistani cuisine is Gautama, located at 1416 Gerrard East in the section known as "Little India" in Toronto" Great Western styled decor and amazing food at cheap buffet deals compared to offerings in other cuisines no doubt. Nice owner
The only Indian restaurant I've been going to to for ages now.

Great "tandoori chicken" included in buffet
offerings here too and
richly delicious "gulab jamun" for dessert.
Also, the bakery at queen and broadview
has a really tasty butter chicken lunch for $6

For more cheap takeout, consider
spadina st. (west) Chinatown section
or on broadwiew at Gerrard (west side) for great BBQ duck and or Pork by the pound - around five bucks a meal (a bit more now)

Kimchi - Korean spiced cabage concoction
Also try Korean specialties of "kimchi" (spicy cabbage preparation) and equally famous "bulgogi" tasty meat dish
korean bulgogi