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Irish Embassy
Pub & Grill

49 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M5E1J1

Get your Italian Coffee served along with coffee beans "to go"
at Pasta Mia cafe located at Toronto's St. Lawrence Market Centre
(front street near church)
Great pasta here too for home takeaway
(owned by dear Clement and Anila - the greatest, most Christianly spirited folks on the planet!)

best of the planet!!!

Queens Quay terminal @ Toronto harbourfront 416-214-2772 www.watermarkirishpub.ca

Some Pubs we've seen around have a beautiful selection of the best songs picked
for jukebox playing with a modern machine that offers a huge number of such great songs
from the 70s (bee gees, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Yvonne Elliman, and tons more) and with
the best songs from Van Morrison ("Someone like you" / "Have I told you lately") Christopher
Cross (Arthurs theme, Ride like the wind), Leann rimes, ("Cant fight the moonlight" - discounted
price, plus "Wasted days and wasted nights") Jackie Evancho, Andy Gibb (even played a George
strait song - "Amarillo by mornin!" - nice country selections equally!) You might even blow a twenty
on a jukebox in that case, and not live to regret it as it gives a shot in the arm our planet hasn't had
for just too bloody long now I say - time to end the abuse with bullshit so-called music we are subjected
to in a bid to make for stupidly equals in such regard as human sensibilities as applied to music tastes
and what have you - for gods sakes I submit with care! Jackie Evancho's best song performances
of traditional great songs were included in what we found around, - except my most favourite "imaginer" -
although not a song as well known - check it out at my music appreciation and download site here:


Nice folks over the years! Have had the calamari here
Great burgers too - even tried the lamb burger here!!

St Louis toronto
Over this past decade I've been in literally hundreds of times I figure for the Wednesday drink and burger
special at The St Louis Location on King Street in DT Toronto Just five bucks for each item, plus tax and tip - just a tad more now I believe. Great waitresses often times. (Check out their daily special on items such as wings
and more!) Lets keep our folks in business in this town I love the Mikes hard lemonade here, waiting for them
to also offer Rekordelig from Sweden and Sommersby from Denmark. I hate the taste of beer by comparison now I have to say.
Loved the Amsterdam Blonde beer - Albeit really Ontario Craft produced when I was a beer drinker and thats still a handy option in a pinch I'd say too.

       Keg Staff picture - location unspecified
The Keg
26 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON, M5E1M1

 The Keg Steak and lobster offerings

Supremely great steak 
and lobster fun place!!

Red Lobster Restaurants
Many locations throughout  Canada + The United States

Steak and Lobster Great place for a lobster pizza when
available (ten bucks and change) plus
truly great Steak and lobster served
just right and always reasonably priced!

(love the long Island Iced Tea served here - have it everytime I'm here! - $9)

Most recent visit for supper was for the four course meal special (under twenty five dollars) plus a couple more dollars to substitute lovely lobster bisque (small serving) and a few more dollars to have a great 7oz sirloin steak included. delicious included dessert of fresh tasting vanilla scoop of ice cream along with a hot brownie

Shrimp and firegrilled chicken lunch special Enjoy a lunch special as I did at Red Lobster recently for just $11.99 for the main course (garlic shrimp and fire grilled chicken with a side of broccoli - added a lobster bisque mini serving for just a reasonable $3.50 would you believe? Delicious!

Lobster bisque Delicious Lobster bisque (to your left)
Also, Complimentary fresh made english
biscuits served while your lunch is prepared

"Hasty Market" locations
including on Carlton Street
(just east of Yonge street)
offers croissants for one dollar
with a "free" cheap tasting
cuppa coffee included
coffee with croissant - buck deal
You can also get your coffee here
with a "jimmy Dean" breakfast
English muffin with egg cheese
and bacon or sausage for just
$2.99 for the combo (add tax)
jimmy dean - microwave breakfast sandwich

They also have home-made
sandwiches here (ham, chicken
or tuna) including a free pop for
$3.99 and small pie slices for $1.25
tims cup
Tims has the best tasting, sweet 
coffee styled offering they refer to as
"French vanilla cappucino" made from a powdered preparation. $2
These gift cards are a great idea
 (wherever available)

   Tims Card
Starbucks is your best deal for great atmosphere 
especially (Best decor!) (Give out a gift-card today!)
- they got the best tasting blonde flavoured coffee - cheap
These folks should be serving wine and vodka coolers all day!
- plus "Second Cup" locations with daily flavour pick specials
like Columbian, Irish Cream, along with a truly great 
large butter croissant reasonably priced at $2.50
delivered fresh daily by gourmet bakers locally
butter croissant
Tim Horton's has nice enuf basic simple cuppa coffee
I have to say, although it costs the same 
as going in style instead at other 
places mentioned above (where sometimes the 
coffee taste is too strong I believe) and as well 
at reasonably priced as well "Timothy's World Coffees" 
smart choice locations and elsewhere.
Tim's has a real nice chesse croissant which heated with butter
costs under a toonie, as well as a nice ham sandwich on a toasted bun
or croissant (xtra) for about a five dollar bill - incl cheese! nice enuf offer!
(Also has fresh slices of tomato with lettuce and sauce)

Remember to give a generous tip here too, especially!

Pint of Amsterdam Blonde - enjoy!Burger and fries presentation suggestion
Many bars tend to offer specials such as a  Burger meal deal with a drink 
purchase along with a "Happy hour" drink offering daily
Best everyday delicious lunch and dinner value lunch/dinner meals between  $5-$8

Best meal around for under a five dollar bill (tax incl) - Sausage on a bun at St lawrence Market in downtown toronto (main level) look for "brown's meats" food stand and fresh meats counter)
Just $4.50 each!! -inc tax
(with coleslaw and bbq or hot sauce)
Debrezini sausage on a bunst lawrence market - browns brothers - sausage on a bun

Best deal right now on Beef or chicken shawarma appears to be at
Pita Way - locations include Carlton St east near Yonge and Church street near front - close to St Lawrence market.
Just $3.99 each!!
(plus tax)

Shawarma alternative to mig macs

Zaad's Persian fast food restaurant on Bloor near the Spadina subway Station has an offer of two nice tasting beef or chicken shawarma wrap styled sandwiches for just a ten dollar bill (plus tax)

Best Indian offering around just seven bucks for overall taste and value - Siddarta
(Queen Street just East of Broadview) Pakistani owned Indian cuisine Chicken Tikka masala (my fav here) or Butter chicken or Spicy beef on (often) saffron flavoured long grain rice  $7 for delicious veggie or $8 for choice of tasty meats - dual meat
selections with veggie combos available too - around $12

Butter chicken with saffron rice $8 deal - siddarta

Best everyday delicious lunch and dinner value lunch/dinner meals between 
$10-$15 (Another most favourite recommended pick too around these price levels
choice of one or more lovely meats and great fresh prepared sides equally in very
reasonably priced combo offerings starting around just $8 plus drink if desired)


BEST VALUE: Enjoy a great fresh made Kofta Kabab meal (Nicely flavoured for western palates too I say) just $12.99 as shown (huge value and satisfaction from great meal offering)  Best place found for this meal type of great value (even includes freshly baked free naan pita bread) is at
Naan Kabab House
Naan kabab house yonge street
naan Kabab House Yonge Street DT Toronto
- nice lookin huge place (mideastern restaurant) with western appeal on Yonge Street @ Charles St Call their number: 416-972-6623 for hours and delivery details - and maybe check other locations around Toronto too - wherever is closest for this great freshly made food idea - downloadable app for on-line ordering
(great delivery  service through "skip the dishes" delivery service - and likely uber-eats too perhaps) 

Available here too also is the same sort of offering here in souvlaki style beef kabab chunks or deliciously flavoured succulently tender chicken tikka style offerings including popular half chicken dinners. Great tasting hot cooked wraps - soft tortilla with tender generously packed beef and chicken fillings. Around seven dollars plus. Great too, for parties. Beats the usual alternative places to get such food in taste and sheer value! Unbeatable! You might just be disappointed elsewhere by comparison on any similar offerings I'd say fer shure! - absolutely!


Take-out foods Review Section Below

Richtree Market Restaurants
- Eaton Centre - Toronto
(and other locations throughout Ontario)

great dessert items and other fresh made take-out foods to please!  (Some locations such as "College Park Center" now out of business - sadly)

we also find Peters Cajun is tops for Cajun spiced
foods including Calamari French fried potato and
Italian sandwiches and pizza too! they deliver!
located on Parliament at Gerrard in Toronto
often great servers too! (please tip)

huge helpin of cajun fries - just four bucks
(incl tax!)

(restaurant no longer at this location)

pizza nova pizza
Supreme "pizza Nova" lovely
pizza slice meal offerings!

Pizza Nova is I without a doubt the best pizza
Parlor around here so far tried- and its the
sorta quality level we need I most love their
"meat Supreme" :caribbean  sunset" and "Diavola"
gourmet slice offerings plus more!
Just around five bucks a Large SLICE
(actually a double slice in effect) with tax!

Pizza Nova Meat Supreme

Pizza Nova Diavola

Quiznoz lobster
Quiznos offers fully nine inch subs right
now for around under ten dollars Cdn with
mainly lobster and with some alaskan pollock
added in the preparation too. (served with lettuce
and with butter if you prefer it to heaps of lobster
sauce we suggest the latter instead)

Taco bell taco special deals
Taco Bell offers the best tasting beef
preparation in their tacos and burritos
however only in snack sized offerings
it would appear at present. what's needed
is a large man-sized option filled with this
tasty beef in sauce as it is prepared for
best taste. Also bring back the old mexi fries
- its an option we'd be willing to pay for

A bar previously located on king street had
a great deal on wednesdays lunch menu offerings
of seafood tacos served with coors beer - cheap
combo priced to build up business in this town!
Mexican shrimp tacos


great brunch menu formerly at
the Beaver cafe and Bar - check around elsewhere

Their previously available poached egg - ham and cheddar on 
a croissant combination brunch for ten bucks
was a treat !

The Poet Cafe (Toronto - King Street near Sherbourne)
The Iranian family owned Poet Cafe in Toronto
offers a warm atmosphere for dining including
Brunch offerings such as "The Istanbul 8AM"
Breakfast. (Shown below) Includes a taste of
Turkish sausage - deliciously spiced lightly
along with salad, couple of fried eggs and French
bread. Lovely Irish hostess served my table when
i was there recently - happy to recommend! $20
including great coffee and with taxes. (Please tip
these kind folks generously here especially)
sausage portion seems less plentiful at present.

Istanbul breakfast with Turkish sausage - Poet Cafe

How about an "eggs benedict" treat at Paddington's
located at the popular Toronto St Lawrence Market
(main level) Truly superior service too in the past
when I was last there a year ago.

Paddington's St Lawrence Market - Toronto

Pumpernickles breakfast sandwich
An amazing deal in a Breakfast Sandwich is to be found at the
nicely fixtured Pumpernickles locations around Downtown Toronto
and elsewhere here Starting at around just under five bucks for a
sandwich offering that includes an egg, delicious ham and swiss
cheese - all freshly made and tasting delicious! Check around for
locations listings including just off Bay St downtown on Elm Street
where this special was found. and king street near parliament.
Also now offered for five bucks at breakfast on mondays is smoked
salmon with cream cheese and aragula on your choice of bagel.
Great tasting coffee included (my favourite pick here is Colombian)
Full scrambled egg and sausage/bacon plus home fries, great
toast and coffee on fridays for just a fiver.
Delivery available. 

Pumpernickles $10 (at present) friday fish and
chips deal - don't miss out on this great food deal!

Its the best tasting fish and
chips I've tried and may even be halibut rather than ordinary
haddock that is commonly given out instead at prices at this level.

Fish and chips friday deal at Pumpernickles Toronto

Also check out (usually busy) Sunset Grill locations for breakfast
deals including three fried (or poached) eggs with home fries and
toast for fiver bucks weekdays, six fifty weekends. Substitute
pancakes for the toast just a buck more. Bacon or sausage
add on for just a couple of dollars too. Only open
till three, with burgers available on the lunch menu
Take-out and delivery available right now at Yonge street
location near Queen street - great value for every mornin even!
Sunset Grill breakfast - Toronto

Frans Breakfast deals sample
Then of course, there's Frans, who have been around a
long time in this town - had a nice eggs benedict with
"steak" (shredded meat) there recently - lotsa great sauce
and reasonably priced - avail daytime (College Street
by yonge st)

Interesting place in this part of town for an amazing breakfast
offering is Future Bistro on Bloor - One block west of Spadina
Three fried eggs done your way, large potato wedges
choice of toast options and a nice cup of coffee served
in a mug. Only $5.95 plus tax if you arrive before ten in the morn.
Tip not really required as you order and pick up at the counter and
pay in advance. (mon-fri discount  regular $8.50 price after 10AM
and on weekends)
Future Bistro breakfast special

W-Burger Bar Yonge and College Street Brunch deals
We made up this image above to help promote a place that's
under-appreciated it seems - for weekend brunch in any event.
Nice looking bar and restaurant equally, with weekend specials
beginning at just six bucks for a complete breakfast (add a dollar
more for "bottomless coffee" (free refills) and for only a couple
more dollars you can get you choice of sausage or bacon (I had
mine just the way I like it - soft cooked to perfection!) They even
tastefully include a serving of fresh strawberry and kiwi fruit
in a side little container. Currently offering lunch burger specials
likely instead. 

Just love the offerings at Longos such as this
Breakfast special toasted bagel of your choice
with fried egg, bacon and cheese for $2.99
(add a coffeee for about a buck in choice of
flavours!) They had great 70s music on as well
when last visited - greatest folks! (brookfield
place, downstairs foods area) Also noticed a
lobster sandwich for $6.99 (cold foods area)
They also feature a buffet here (by wieght)
with poached eggs, lotsa bacon (cheap) and
turkey mini sausage along with pork alternately
and shrimp in nice sauce available then too
In addition to calamari salad and crab stuff!
(brookfield place location - closed for months
due to covid response mismanagement by building
owners and city health officials giving poor advice)

Mastro Cappocollo
Mastro offers most delicious sliced Cappocollo and prosciutto
sausage meats - ask at very one of your local supermarkets
for more of it. Mastro genoa salami regular or hot favoured
is amazingly delicious - about $3 for 100gms at Rocco's "No frills"
outlet on front street and other of their locations equally.

Marc Angelo imported Italian foods includes a snack sized
offering of slices of genoa salami with provolone cheese slices
just three bucks and change at superior deli food counters such as
at the metro in the packaged cold meats section. BOTH Metro and
loblaws offer great sliced meats such as hot genoa salami for around

Mtero deli jerk chocken offering

Available in a great full meal offering for $7.49 including a couple of Octoberfest
sausages and choice of two sides such as pasta in a delicious curry style sauce
parisienne potato, scallop potato, mixed veggie, veggie rice, or mac'n cheese

Roma Pepperoni
Roma Foods (since 1953) offers a "huge" 1kg party size
bag of nice ready to serve pepperoni slices just ten bucks
at Loblaws supermarkets (Lower jarvis st. location included)

Octoberfest sign
Grilled sausage
lovely spirits

Enjoy the beers of all greatest European spirits

Reviews for those interested in other views click here for Ms. Courtenay Sunday of Swtizerland and the beautiful USA for her restaurant Reviews and tips here equally - thanks indeed - ta! merci!

marche movenpick european style food outlet
The marche movenpick umbrella setting for a number of related food
and drink offerings including fresh made pizza, breakfast item picks,
and a huge number of servings of other foods and desserts of europe
(mainly filipino staff who serve friendly along with the occassional
euro staffer such as was at the breakfast counter last couple of times
Ive recently been by. Probably the best such cup of coffee in town
(served with a fresh made muffin of your choice for just an unbelievable
$3.50 at the right coffee counter - get in on this I suggest for at least
a try! (Brookfield place in downtown toronto) Amongst the many options here
for lunch at the Marche is a serving of regular sized shrimp in a delicious
sauce $4.99 plus really nice mushrooms served with it if you like for an
added $2.99 wow! Daily $10 lunch specials just added to
the menu, and the breakfast offering include a ten dollar three item meal
including scrambled eggs along with your choice of gourmet tasty thin styled
mini sausages or bacon, and as well tasty mushrooms in a light sauce in which
it is cooked or rosti potato. This entire complex was shutdown recently
over covid concerns, which extremist mindset application might just have
cost us many good businesses that were housed in this complex including
possibly the great Longos supermarket outlet in the basement. Shame!


Metro Deli (Church Street on Front Street) sausage
Try the local Sikorski Polish Company's offerings 
here of great sausage from traditions throughout 
Europe at the Metro and Loblaws in the cold foods section
Just a couple of dollars gets you a great tasting Sikorski
Polish styled chicken and turkey sausage, along with kabano
and delicious chorizzo available "to go" at the cold foods deli 
counters here as well grilled to ready serve hot at a deli counter 
all around your town such as deliciously at metro at church street often.
Sikorski sausagae and meats company from Canada

A Loblaws "Presidents Choice" giftcard or a Metro giftcard both make a 
thoughtful gesture as a gift of lunch meals all month long. $25 and up

Schneiders sausage
Currently on special at Loblaws owned "No Frills"
discount outlets is lovely and delicious Schneiders
brand cheese filled sausage offerings to take home 
and heat up in oven or microwave - just a dollar
each sausage in packages as few as a duo (two)
and up to ten in a party size family pack! 
I like to add Mexican Valentina hot sauce available
cheap here too. (Or Presidents choice brand Louisiana 
style great hot sauce sauce).

Metro supermarkets offer ready to heat
(microwave available) spagetti and meatballs
meals for $5 regular size tray or $10 large size 
tray (not exactly as pictured). 

BBq chicken pck deal from Kitchen table Deli

Large sausage rolls offer - pk of 2 - only $3.50 at RABBA

chicken swkewer we recommend (flavoured delicious)

bourbon street grill
"Bourbon Street Grill" Unbeatable for taste and sheer value - amazing amounts of food in huge 
selections including spicy beef, garlic or cajun shrimp, Bourbon chicken (specialty here) and lots
more with great tasting lotsa sides to pick from - all fresh made - around ten bucks for a 
combo - my fav deal here! - check for end-of-day specially pre-made combos too - around 
seven bucks to go!

Loblaws Supermarket Deli counters offer a family pack of cooked 
breaded chicken for just around a ten dollar bill at their hot deli 
counter - or if you prefer from their coolers section 
- ready to eat! (spicy or regular flavours - plus tenders too)
if you prefer to cook, get their ready for the oven family size pizza
for just a ten dollar bill too - wow! (loaded with pepperoni and 
cheese even at this price - deluxe toppings option too - same price)

Loblaws chicken offerings
sauces shown above optional

Loblaws deli counters offer a huge variety of foods ready to eat - on the go - 
including chicken dinners with your choice of sides (I like the potato wedges or scalloped potato) , 
and such great exotic offerings worth coming in for o try or have often such as szechuan beef, 
bombay chicken, korean meatball or lemon chicken or seafood mix salad (all by weight) You can 
also use your Presidents choice financial MasterCard points for free purchases at the deli 
counter or  for picking up groceries at loblaws related supermarket outlets (includes no-frills 
huge discount locations) PC Choice is by far the best credit card issuer by reputation for levels 
of service quality often beyond your highest expectations! also Try TD bank for best bank services 
provider! TD also has the most convenient ATM designs with multiple choices of currency
demoninations when you make a withdrawal - even just a five dollar bill if need be - and
their unlimited transaction plans allow all the bebit card use for a reasonable small monthly fee - 
you can even use their ATM dispenser for US currency withdrawals (as does CIBC) rather than having 
to go elsewhere for it

The cold foods section also has handy mini twin skewers of ready to consume beef with
tzatziki sauce (souvlaki style if you will) for $3.99 - no tax - also great cocktail shrimp 
container incl shrimp sauce! - ready to eat- under sixbucks

$5.99 shrimp with seafood sauce
also deliciously available swimming in a lovely chili flavoured sauce in the antipasto foods section

 - fresh deli meats counter shown below:
loblaws fresh meats

Best place for gourmet taste in cold sandwich 
and wrap offerings for a quick lunch or for 
Gatherings - small party tray of 12 mini wraps
goes for $25 - suggest my favourite here - sweet chili 
chicken baugette sandwich at $6.49 - beats subways 
offerings by comparison easily - it has enough of chicken 
stuffing - too many sandwich deals in town are too light 
on the meats - no matter the price it would appear!
Loblaws sweet chicken baugette

Great place to buy beer and wines to take home, I don't much like beer anymore 
I have to say although my most previously favourite when I did drink beer was the  
"Amsterdam Blonde" If you prefer to have beer. Best purchase here right now would 
be Rekordelig brand coolers from Sweden Note: Loblaws has "Wine Rack" outlets around  
superior experience of a great drink all around I say! Best choices too would be 
Smirnoff and mikes (hard lemonade) at top of list! Plus where's the Port?? ('84 brand 
from Niagara Region etc would be nice! - Best wine pick for the price) Great German 
(Blue Nun, Hochtaler Leibfraumilch Black Tower - French (Chatenuef du pape) and 
Aussie Cdn wines (Wallerroo Trails Shiraz) which should top your list especially are noted at 
our related website -  (even a nice offering from Portugal these past many decades 
- Mateus Rose) Click here to view

Groceries here usually available 24hrs at choice locations - why not wine and Vodka
Coolers too ("equally") The LCBO cant claim a monopoly on any idea of merit as they
as sometimes closed (all day mondays and select "holidays") - some locations have
limited selections of merited choices it would appear (Port etc) . Lets decide for ourselves
instead - wherever we see fit - including beer and mostly wine by the glass availability
at sausage cart vendors, all grocery related outlets and any restaurants with a minimal
fee ($100 annually max) licence for crissakes!


Other truly Great food ideas
you must try!

"Souvlaki Express"

Queen at Parliament Streets in Toronto and on Mt Pleasant Drive additionally

Recently renovated with expanded seating capacity - Tenderly prepared succulent Soulaki offerings of pork Chicken lamb or beef varieties are second to none - Whether in a pita wrap or a single or double skewer full meal deal - great food from our family there to you! enjoy!
Been here many many times this past decade as I live only minutes away.
Now at Carlton on closeby parliament street
Jimmy the Greek

Souvlaki Express - Great Greek food

truly succulently and deliciously tasting afghan style kababs at Kabul kabab house on Gerrard street East in the Little India section - two for just eight bucks! (the menu offerings are mainly for complete dinners - so ask about this option if you prefer just meat)

Might be nice place to order for small parties as they appear reasonable to deal with too I'd say fer shure!

Afghan kababs - little India - Gerrard street

cheapest price on a chicken shawarma dinner is at the mediterrenean food outlet at the Gerrard square food court. ($6.99) Greek food and shawarma style wraps and plates too. veggies extra. get loads of tahini sauce to get taste boost on this dish I suggest!

chicken shawarma

Sams supermarket chain deli counters previosly offered a delicious long sized Indian seekh kabab treat for just $.250 per kabab (takeout only)

seekh kabab not exactly as pictured - stock photo image

Hard to get a decent beef samosa in this town - so far the best found is at Lebanon express - on Yonge street near college ave- for veggie try the subway stop at kennedy - nice taste!
the subway stop at bloor and yonge has a delicious beef patty for two bucks too

samosa offerings

Get a couple of nice thick slices of succulent side bacon cooked to perfection at Carnicero's at St Lawrence Market (upper level) in Downtown toronto! A fver should be about enough unless you want their sandwich deal.

carniceros - side bacon
Carniceros sign

Succulent side bacon slices - Carniceros

"The New Yorker Deli" restaurant at Bay and  bloor in Toronto offers a variety of smoked meat sandwiches and more. Just love the large Orange juice (fresh squeezed for just a four dollar price plus tax) great
euro spirited waitress often!


New Yorker Deli sign

New Yorker sandwich offering

"Wraps on the Go" - a fast food outlet located in the lower level food court at the Cumberland Terrace Plaza - 2 Bloor Street West in Toronto (across from the Reference Branch of the Toronto Library) has amazing deals on breakfast choices and Wraps too!

Delicious fresh made and tasting breakfast sandwich
for around three bucks - why go elsewhere!


Wraps on the go - 2 bloor St West Toronto

Click here for images from their recent menus

Greek gyros wraps and more

nice Burger meal at "Hangry Burger" On Yonge street near College - Around Police H.Q.  (including fresh cut style fries and pop  for just around eight bucks eve spec) Choose your own of the many toppings options here. "HERO'S BURGERS" has a similar deal around town. Jnr burger just four bucks
all day

Hangry Burger - Toronto Deals! 

Japanese village
restaurants across
Canada is a popular
place for a "cooked
at your table" experience
in tasty cuisine
such as teriyaki
steak and shrimp
and more! Ths aint yucky sushi food
instead, thats fer shure! (No longer
in Toronto? real shame!)



The best deal for a licenced (wine and beer) restaurant with Indian and Pakistani cuisine is Gautama, located at 1416 Gerrard East in the section known as "Little India" in Toronto" Great Western styled decor and amazing food at cheap buffet deals compared to offerings in other cuisines no doubt. Nice seeming owner

Great "tandoori chicken" included in buffet
offerings here too and
richly delicious "gulab jamun" for dessert.
Also, their fast food outlet at broadview and queen east (Siddartha) offers meals for seven dollars such as my favourite here- chicken tikka on long grain yellow rice for eat-in or take out. Veggie options from one of their delicious curries are a dollar less.

For more tasty takeout, consider
spadina st. (west) Chinatown section
or on broadwiew at Gerrard (west side) for mainly just great BBQ duck by the pound - only around five bucks a meal in days gone by...

Korean kim-chi
Kimchi - Korean spiced cabage concoction
pickled cabbage

Now available at the front door for takeout service
or delivery through uber-eats service is a combination of the famous Korean spicy beef dish called bulgogi (heaps of spiced up beef with squid pieces mixed in), with a side of equally famous kim-chi (pickled cabbage) and even a small container of rice thrown in.
check # on the menu - $13.99 plus tax
and delivery if applicable
"Yummy Korean"
(place located on bloor near bathurst subway stop)


Snack deli meats available at Loblaws
franchised "No frills" Supermarkets
and elsewhere - just $3 a 250gm serving
in the case of Pepperoni or the same
price for a 150gm serving of truly
delicious Kolbassa Meat loaf from
Brandt meats packages sold here!
(almost five bucks at other places)!
Its also the best place for everyday
prices on 2L pop and even better when
on extra special - such as real coke/pepsi
2L for $.99 (as high as $4.49 seen elsewhere)
A full pound of ready to eat chicken wieners
goes for a two dollar coin here, tax free!
Brandt Kolbassa

Main Street deli meats

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